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Online Photography Workshops Are Finally Here

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Making great photographs has little to do with owning the latest lens or most advanced camera, according to award-winning photographer Steve Payne. It has more to do with learning to see. Payne will be sharing his insights and technical skills with aspiring photographers during a four week online […]

Article by Douglas Imbrogno in The Charleston Gazette

The Ten Commandments of Creative Success

On Tuesday September 24, 2013 I’ll be speaking at WVSU Digiso Center in Charleston, WV on The Ten Commandments of Creative Success, as part of their Creators Program. Thanks to Douglas Imbrogno for this wonderful article in The Charleston Gazzette! I hope to see you there! SP

The enchanted path at Gaudineer Knob, WV

Beauty And The Brain

How do you feel when you look at a photograph of a loved one, or special place that brings back memories? Do you feel that rush of blood to your brain, that makes you feel warm and secure? It’s pretty obvious that the effects of art on the brain can make us feel good. We […]


Vivian Maier Master Street Photographer Discovered

This is a terrific story of previously unknown master street photographer, Vivian Maier, who was discovered by accident. This Chicago nanny shot thousands of incredible street scenes on her days off, and left them in boxes in her employer’s basement. When John Maloof, a 26 year old real estate agent, bought a box of the […]


Re (touching) Lives Through Photos – by Becci Manson

If you ask someone what’s the first thing they would save if their house were burning down, most answer:  my family photographs. But, few take the precautions to genuinely protect them by storing copies off-site, etc.  This is an incredible story, told by a former photo retoucher, who along with many volunteers from her profession, […]


Photography and The Magic Box

Here’s an interesting viewpoint about the state of photography today, and how it has withstood and will withstand the test of time, that I received from fellow photographer Clayton Spangler.  Though I don’t agree with everything that Richard Koci Hernandez has to say, I’ve never really cared what someone made an image with or how they […]

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