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A surfer catches and early morning wave at The Sebastian Inlet near Vero Beach, Florida.

Who Says They Don’t Surf In Florida?

While on our annual trip to Vero Beach, Florida this year, Hurricane Cristobal provided some serious waves for the surfers at The Sebastian Inlet. Unknown to me at the time, it’s where Kelly Slater spent some time honing his world class skills. I love the inlet, especially early in the morning as the sun rises. […]

A boat races the clouds to get home before the storm hits.

Racing With The Clouds

  I am a certified cloud junky. I could watch the clouds all day long. This summer’s trip to Vero Beach, Florida was great for cloud watching, since thunderstorms were popping up somewhere every single day, and Hurricane Cristobal was passing by in the Atlantic. I caught this boat racing the clouds to get home before the […]

Here's one of the last photos I shot on Wolf Creek before the fall. For me this one made it all worth it.

Real Photographers Get Wet…

Real photographers get wet? That may not be entirely true. Maybe just clumsy ones do. It all happened so fast I can’t be exactly sure how I did it, but here’s my story and I’m sticking to it. After a productive morning shooting on Wolf Creek, in the New River Gorge; I was patting myself on […]

A mother bear and her two cubs swim across The Greenbrier River.

Bubba & The Three Bears…

“I had just paid for my meal, and as I turned to leave, I looked up into a very tall and gorgeous blonde.” Many of you know that I’m a huge golf fan. So, to meet one of my golfing hero’s in the Lewisburg Subway restaurant on the way to the Greenbrier river for a multi-day shoot, […]

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