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The Story Behind This Love Song

I’m in love with my home state of West Virginia. I always have been. There was a time, however, I sought greener pastures when I was building my photography business in the 80s. I moved to Atlanta for a time and quickly discovered there was a lot more grass, but it wasn’t greener. It was brighter and shinier, but my friends weren't there, and getting things done was much more difficult.


Before Marshall University President Brad Smith made his Ascend Offer, I wrote this song in response to hearing our daughter say that people at school in Washington, DC seemed to feel sorry for her when she told them she was from West Virginia. 


At the same time, a friend from Raleigh, NC, was visiting to see our band, The Soul Doctors, perform at Live on The Levee in Charleston. After the show, he was saying how much he liked it here and what a nice vibe he felt from the people. Then he said, “You wouldn’t believe how negative people were when I told them I was coming here.” They asked me, "Why would I want to go there?” 


There’s an easy answer to that … It is one of the most peaceful places in the country to live. 


So let us celebrate our Almost Heaven, West Virginia and please - share this with any and all interested parties and platforms. 


Or, if you haven't had the pleasure of a visit to The Mountain State, we'd love to see you!

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