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These are songs that I wrote in the nineties when I was trying to make a go of it as a songwriter in Nashville. John Van Meter at Sony/Tree Music was pitching my songs for me and we came very close to breaking through. But, no cigar. Those "Nashville Days" were some of the happiest of my life. The creative and spiritual energy of the songwriters and musicians that I worked with made time spent there pure joy for me! I am forever grateful to have had that opportunity and hope that you may experience some of that joy through this album.

Featured Musicians:
Bass - Jay Michaels
Guitars - Kerry Marx
Keyboards - Tim Lauer
Fiddle - Jack Ragland
Pedal Steel - Dan Dugmore
Drums - James "Sticks" McGrew
Harmonica - Ron Sowell
Lead Vocals - Steve Payne
Backing Vocals - Steve Payne, Jay Michaels, Angela Lauer, Ron Sowell

Recorded at Mandy Pop Studio - Nashville
Produced by Tim Lauer
Mastered by John Kessler - Seattle

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